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Metropolitan Police Choir History

The Metropolitan Police Service has a long history of choirs, which can be traced back to 1872.

There have been many guises of a Metropolitan Police Choir. Back in 1872 there were no female police officers, so the choir by default was a male voice choir. In the 1930's each division had its own choir, following this era the choir became one of mixed voices as gradually divisional choirs merged. Over the passage of time the choir reverted to being a male voice choir until June 2016 when we became a mixed choir once more. We are rightfully proud of our history and the need to honour this through fantastic choral singing.

The Metropolitan Police Choir As the MPC, we are made up of around 65 serving and retired officers and police staff of varying ages, backgrounds and experience. The strength of the choir comes from our love for London, the police service we are associated with and the diversity of our membership. In our more recent history, the MPC have been fortunate enough to perform at some of London's iconic venues, such as St Martins in The Field, the Victoria and Albert Museum, Southwark Cathedral and around the Christmas tree on Trafalgar Square.

Historically, previous guises of the choir have taken part in combined major international concerts in locations such as Holland, Germany and Bavaria. Additionally, performances were given at St. Pauls Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Westminster Cathedral, Royal Albert Hall, Guildhall, the Royal Festival Hall and the Barbican. It is estimated that contributions to charitable causes through performances is in excess of £750,000 to date.

Our History

The following is a resume of 'highlights' from the choir's past:-

  • Participation in 'Children In Need' (BBC1)
  • 'The Big Parade' on prime-time television (with Lorrie Paramore's Orchestra and RAF Central Band clarinets)
  • Participation in 'Dixon Of Dock Green'
  • Brass Band Festivals at the Royal Albert Hall
  • Performing for Esther Rantzen on the BBC's 'That's Life'
  • Finale of the Royal International Horse Show at the old White City
  • Singing alongside 'The Christmas Tree' in Trafalgar Square on three occasions
  • Singing to those happy nuns at Tyburn Convent - how they loved it!
  • Joining hundreds of other male singers in Hyde Park and on the forecourt of Buckingham Palace for the anniversary of VE Day.
  • Participating on two occasions in a 10,000 Voice World Choir at Cardiff.
  • Plus a unique occasion filmed live at Paddington Station in 'Flashmob: The Opera' for BBC3.
  • Singing annually to the Chelsea Pensioners
Plus many more...

"Welcome to the Metropolitan Police Choir - and enjoy!! Come and join us!"
- Tony Seeley


On the 6th October 2004, the Metropolitan Police Choir took part in BBC Three's hugely successful 'FlashMob: The Opera' (shown on both BBC Two and BBC Three), filmed live at Paddington Station. The interesting mix of traditional arias and modern lyrics provided great entertainment for all ages (young children and teenagers were even enthralled!).

Metropolitan Police Choir at Flashmob: The Opera
Lights, Camera, Action! - Metropolitan Police
Choir members 'on set' at Paddington Station, London.

The storyline involved Mike, a man who loved football more than his fiancee Sally. Sally leaves him after a huge row, storming off to Paddington train station to return home to her mother.

Mike manages to get to the train station in time to try and stop her, but there are many hurdles he has to face, including an angry Chelsea football mob and some policemen (where the choir played a vital role!).

After a football supporters' chorus, and many other twists and turns, Mike and Sally are finally reunited and the whole of Paddington train station (including members of the public) join in the finale, which also included two other choirs and the BBC Concert Orchestra.

To see more photos of the choir during the filming of 'Flashmob: The Opera', click here