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Our Choir Members

(Retired PC 207 Traffic Division)

"I joined the Metropolitan Police Force after leaving Archbishop Tenison's Grammar School and serving in the Police Cadets in 1958 and served as a Foot Duty Officer on 'E' and 'R' Division until I was accepted into Traffic Division where I became a Triple One plus, driver, rider, vehicle examiner and accident reconstruction officer. I served at Traffic Units in central London and on 'R' Division until my retirement.

In my early days on 'E' division one of my colleagues was a choir member so I knew of the choir but I was more involved in sport at that time. It was not until I retired that I and my late wife went to some of the concerts at the Festival Hall and the Barbican.

I had not sung since I was in the school choir aged 13 years but in, I think, 2002 when I was on my own and needed something to occupy my time I saw an advert in a Police publication asking for new choir members. Just the job I thought so off I went on a Monday evening to the rehearsal venue in Westminster and have been making that trip ever since.

I have enjoyed the challenge of learning the words and music and going to numerous venues to entertain people and carry out the commitments of the Choir, Carol Concerts, Requiems and the sadder occasions of service funerals.

I have also appreciated the comradery of the other choir members and the social activities over the years that I have been with the Choir."

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