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Our Choir Members

(Retired PC 692 CD Division)

"I joined the Metropolitan Police as a Police Cadet on 20th May, 1964. After my initial Training as a Cadet at Hendon Police College, I was posted to Islington Police Station in Upper Street, N1.

On 16th November 1964, at 19 years old, I returned to Hendon Police College as a Police Constable. Whilst at Hendon, all Recruits in the Police College were placed on Reserve duties for the Sir Winston Churchill's State Funeral. My class of students and I were posted to the Shell Building in the Strand.

On 1st March 1965 I was posted to West End Central Police Station as a new Recruit, with my accomodation being at Trenchard House. It was in 1966 whilst doing some laundry, that I first heard the sound of music in the hall in the basement. As I was leaving I heard music being sung by male voices coming from the hall. As I peered into the hall through the glass panelled doors, I saw at least 30 men of all ages, singing. I didn't want to interrupt so I turned around and started to walk back up the steps.

Before I had reached the top step both of the double doors opened and two burly gentlemen called me back. I was told that I obviously liked music as I had ventured down to the hall!
I was then asked to return to the hall with the two men who introduced me to their Musical Director, John Watson and their Pianist, Dorothy Iddon. John Watson then asked me if I could sing. I stated that I had sung two Church Choirs, one choir in Ascot, Berkshire and the other choir in Hendon whilst in Training School, that is all he wanted to know.

In the next moment I was sat in the Baritone section and given music. I was now a member of the Metropolitan Police Choir! The following week I sang some scales to ascertain what my singing range was, and remained in the Baritone section where I am today.

I have never regretted joining the Metropolitan Police Choir and have sung at some of the most prominent venues in London including:- Westminster Abbey, Westminster Cathedral, St.Pauls Cathedral, Central Hall, St Margarets Westminster, the Royal Festival Hall, the Barbican Hall, Salisbury Cathedral, and the Royal Albert Hall.

If you enjoy singing join our Choir today, we are always looking for new members to carry on the fine tradition of singing in the Police."

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